Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Book I of Secrets of the Blood

The United States Government's divisions of Human Parasite Control and Warlocks were at a loss. New York City had a terrible vampire infestation... until recently. Two weeks ago, a new face appeared amongst the ranks of the undead and declared himself Prince of all of New York. The NY clans rebelled, and were viciously devastated, leaving only one victor: "Prince". Nameless and unknown, he united the vampire clans of New York, bringing law to a blood-thirsty race. No killing. No turning. No biting. For the first time, vampire attacks in New York City were nearly nonexistent. Who was this new vampire who called himself Prince? What were his plans for New York? Could he be controlled, or must he be destroyed? Answering those questions became the assignment of a young Special Agent Warlock, James.

Getting close to the enigmatic vampire was easier than James had expected. It quickly became clear that escaping Prince and his thrall, Ted, would prove infinitely more difficult. However, as James comes to know Prince and uncover pieces of the vampire's savage and bloody history, he finds himself wondering what tragedies in Prince's past drive the vampire to campaign to reform a nation of undead parasites. Only in discovering Prince's true name and origins could James hope to find an answer to the vampire's motivations and intentions. But, would he survive long enough to uncover that knowledge? Could he separate his growing friendship with the vampire and thrall from his duty to complete the assignment? And when the inevitable time came to choose between loyalties, could he remain true to himself?

The Setting of Secrets of the Blood

The nations of the world have been keeping warlocks, mages, vampires, shifters, and countless other mystical creatures and circumstances under wraps for centuries. The advent of the 21st century and the dawn of the new era of communication is blurring the lines between fiction and reality and raising acceptance of the supernatural. Races and spell casters once persecuted and forced into hiding have been quietly coming out of the woodwork. They've been joining forces with governments and private societies, forming clans and alliances to protect themselves, and leaking their 'secrets' into the world for generations. The breaking point is at hand, and the world is on the brink of monumental discovery and change.